Stephen (Steve) Wiseman - Founder/Lead Investigator

     Steve literally grew up all over the eastern half of the United States, but now calls Maryville, TN home. He has always had an interest in the paranormal, and from an early age, he recalls several paranormal experiences. It was always in the back of his mind how and why these things happened. So around 2006 Steve invested in some basic paranormal detecting equipment and began to seek out the answers to his questions with a small group of friends. As time went on and the equipment began to grow, Steve founded ETGS in 2009. Now 9 years later, the foundation of the team is stronger than ever and they live to help families who are frightened by things they cannot explain.

Stephen Brown - Lead Investigator/Tech Guru

     Stephen grew up in Clinton, TN. Like Steve, he has always been fascinated with and felt drawn to the paranormal world. He had his first experience at the young age of seven, when a recently deceased relative came to his bed one night. He believes he was there just to check on him (but, needless to say it scared him to death). The "Stephen's" became friends in 2006 while working together. One night the subject came up about their thoughts on the paranormal. From there the brotherly bond was born. Stephen joined ETGS in late 2009, and since then they are the only original members of the team today.

Andrea Brown - Investigator/Research

     Andrea grew up in Oliver Springs, TN.  She and her family moved into her grandparent's house after their passing.  It was there that she experienced her first paranormal encounter.  After that, she became increasingly interested in all things paranormal.  While browsing Facebook for like-minded enthusiast, she stumbled across the ETGS page.  She became friends with the "Stephen's" and in early 2013, became an official member of the team.  In late 2013, Andrea and Stephen began dating and became Mr. & Mrs. Brown in 2015.  

Jessie Armes - Investigator

     Jessie was born in Chester, SC. She and her family moved to Tennessee in 1997. Jessie is an avid horror movie freak, she became enthralled with the genre at the young age of 8. Stumbling across paranormal based horror movies was all it took to push her to seek out people in the field. In 2014 Jessie joined an all female paranormal team that led investigations at the Brushy Mtn State Pen. She is the newest member of the ETGS family. Her ability to be open minded and respect others beliefs and opinions of the paranormal are outstanding. These things along with her eagerness to learn more make her a great fit with the ETGS family.

Mike Howard - Investigator

     While growing up in Texas, Mike became very interested in the paranormal. As a child he would awaken nightly for several years by different voices that would speak to him, asking for help. As he got older, he came to learn that both his mother and paternal grandmother had psychic and empathic abilities as well as having multiple paranormal experiences. As he began to have several of his own paranormal experiences, Mike's interest in the supernatural grew.  While working at a Knoxville, TN radio station Mike had Steve Wiseman and Stephen Brown in the studio on his morning show to discuss the paranormal. After that he was invited to OSPH to join the team on an investigation, and as they say "the rest is history"

     Mike is very honored and happy to be part of the ETGS family, and looks forward to new and exciting experiences... and of course helping others.

Elzie Adams - Investigator

        Elzie and his family moved from West Virginia to East Tennessee in 1987. ​While living in WV in his family home is where Elzie experienced his first of many paranormal encounters. Over the years he had several experiences that he couldn't explain, thus peeking his interest in the paranormal/unknown. Through his friendship with Mike Howard, he was asked to accompany Mike on an investigation with ETGS to the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in 2015. The things he would experience that night would change Elzie's life forever. In September 2018 Elzie joined ETGS. His enthusiasm is a welcomed addition to the team.

Justin Howard - Investigator-In-Training

     Justin is very excited to be the newest member of ETGS. Justin is an East Tennessee native, born and raised in Sevier County. As Mike's son he has grown up with a healthy appreciation of the paranormal, and that there is much more "beyond the veil" than we may ever know. Justin is very eager to learn more on the "tech/scientific" side of the investigation. He is on his way to becoming a great investigator.

     When not spending time with his ETGS family, he is a full time college student at Carson-Newman University. Where he is also a quarterback on the Eagles football team. Justin is always ready for the next ETGS investigation. 

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