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Here you can see the tools we use on investigations. Still more pics to come as our equipment collection is always growing. If you have any questions about any of the items you see here feel free to contact us and ask! 

*Most items purchased from The Ghosthunters Store and Ghost Stop

IR Nightvision Camcorder

The IR nightvision camcorder is the camera used to capture video evidence from your investigation.

SLS Camera

Built at first for the Ghost Adventures Crew, the SLS was a creation from the wonderful mind of Bill Chappell. It combines a tablet and the X-box kinect camera. It detects spirit energy and maps out the figure like a "stick figure".

Full Spectrum Action Camera

Excellent camera for investigating especially the 4k model. Beautiful video quality, but needs an external mic. Being "full spectrum" means it sees all light spectrums, adding to the possibility of catching that always hiding spirit.

Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera

This Flir is built to connect directly to your Android Smart phone or tablet. The Flir is a thermal imaging camera that picks up cold and hot spots that go unseen by the human eye.

Full Spectrum HD Camera Glasses

The hands-free way to record your investigation. They feature a 1080p full spectrum camera built directly into the frame of the glasses.

IR Lights for Camera's

Enables night vision cameras to see further in the dark.

IR Light for hallways or large rooms

Not detectable by the human eye, the IR light gives your night vision cameras a way to see in the darkest of dark.

Zoom H2 Digital Recorder

Used to record the investigation and capture EVP's

Digital Recorders

Digital recorders... The paranormal investigators greatest tool. These are used to record the investigation and how you capture EVP's.

PSB-11 and PSB-7 Spirit Boxes

Spirit boxes sweep radio station at a very quick rate and generate white noise for spirits to use to communicate.

Custom Built Spirit Speaker

The Spirit Speaker is used in conjunction with the psb-7 and 11 spirit boxes. It adds delay and reverb to make the voices much clearer.

ITC Devices

ITC devices are used to commuicate with spirits by changing their energy into words.

Ovilus V

The Ovilus 5 is a spirit communication device. It has a built in dictionary with words the spirits use to communicate. It also features a True/False app, geophone, and a phonetic generator.

Paranormal Puck 2

The Paranormal Puck 2 was another device introduced on Ghost Adventures and built by Bill Chappell. It connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet, and you text questions to the spirits. The theory is the spirits use the energy created by the puck to generate words that are then returned to the smart device.

EMF Detectors

EMF Detectors are used to detect spirits energy. These pictured are the K2, Tri-field Meter, and 3 different types of Mel-Meters. The Mel-Meters also read the temperature(one has shadow detection, and one has REM detection).

EM Pump

EM Pumps are used to pump energy into the atmosphere for spirits to use so they can interact/communicate

IR Thermometer

Used to detect pinpoint temperature of objects


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Sony FDR AX33

Deadlite 60 watt Necro

Deadlite LLC is owned and operated by Josh Bender. Visit his page by clicking the logo above! Each light is built custom to your needs. We stand behind saying there is no other IR illuminator available that can match what the Deadlite does... 
the proof is below. Like Josh says....
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